Missions Action

There are multiple ways you can get involved with church planting missions!

MISSIONS TEAMS - Bring a group to the Northwest for a short-term mission trip.  CLICK HERE for more information.

SHORT / LONG TERM MISSIONS - Explore serving as a student missionary, intern, or other temporary missionary role.

To find out more about the opportunities for missions through the North American Mission Board, click here.

CHURCH PLANTING TEAM MEMBER - Team members are vital for the health of starting a new church.  Consider becoming a team member of a church plant and helping plant the Gospel.  (Most team positions are unpaid. Support could be in the form of finding a job, or raising your own support.)

Take a trip….change lives…

One of the ways you can make a big impact in the lives of others is to participate in or lead a mission trip.  Our church plants use mission teams in a variety of ways to assist them in reaching their ministry areas.  Just a few of the ways mission teams have served are:

  • Handing out event fliers or reverse door-hanger questionnaires in neighborhoods
  • Servant evangelism projects, such as cleaning up parks, painting schools, distributing water bottles, car washes
  • Prayer walks and surveying
  • Hosting and/or staffing block parties, sports camps, Bible clubs, and other kids programs in the community
  • And much much more!

Each church plant has unique needs for their area and the stage they are in.  We try to connect your group with planters that can effectively use the giftings of your group, but often-times it is just simply a willingness to do whatever needs to be done that is most useful to the church plants.
If you are interested in a mission trip to the Inland NW area, please complete the PARTNER RESPONSE form.  Someone will contact you to begin the process of connecting your team with a church plant (or multiple plants) that need your help. Thank you for your willingness to pursue serving through a mission trip!