"Who do you know that we need to know?"

We need partners who are willing to advocate on behalf of the Inland NW Church Planters, and the Region as a whole. What does it mean to be an Advocate?
An Advocate is someone who agrees to be the voice for a:

  • Geographic Region (for ex., Aurora corridor, or downtown Seattle, etc.)
  • People Groups (ethno-linguistic / multi-ethnic / lifestyle)
  • Church Planting Systems (coaching / networks / training / recruiting / wives / prayer & communications)

As such, they are expected to do the following:

  • Advocate – be a champion
    - Keep your area of advocacy in front of people; seek support, partners, planters, etc for it
  • Planters – find and grow planters, local and outside the area
  • Partners – find partners for prayer, mission support, finances, & advocacy

To find out more about becoming an Advocate in our region, please CONTACT US.

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