Multiplying Churches

A multiplying church is a church or church plant that is also actively raising up, training, and launching out new church plants.   The expectation of Northwest planters is that all planters will plant churches that plant churches.  The result of this expectation are multiplying churches, who are training and deploying new plants in our region and beyond.

  • Resonate Church

    Resonate Church was originally planted by Keith Wieser in Pullman, Washington to reach the Washington State University (WSU) college students.  It blossomed to a second service in Moscow, Idaho at the University of Idaho (U of I).  God continued to bless, and a second service was added on campus at WSU, reaching many of the younger students without vehicles.

    As of 2021, Resonate has 12 campuses around the Northwest and beyond, with many more in the pipeline.

    Resonate desires to continue raising up and sending out teams to other Northwest campuses, across the United States and around the world.

    Lead Pastor Keith Wieser