Future Church Planting Opportunities

There is a great need for more church plants in the Inland Northwest.  Below are some of those, but there are many more locations and needs beyond what is listed.  Peruse below, and contact us for more information.

Partners are needed to PRAY for the future church plant areas now, that the soil might be prepared and that God would raise up someone to send to plant a church.  To request more information on how best to pray for a future planting area, please click here and complete our partner response form.

  • Indian Reservations

    There is a huge need for new works to begin on almost all of the Native American Reservations in our region. 

  • Hispanic Works

    Many new Hispanic planters are needed to plant new churches throughout the region.

  • Legacy Churches

    Dying churches have an opportunity to leave a legacy through beoming a Legacy Church.  There is a growing need for churches willing to sacrifice at the end of their life for new birth to take place. There is a need for planters who can plant in a Legacy setting.